Importing projects from Asana

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Andrés Rodríguez Valdés

Importing projects from Asana (Integration)

Since you may have thousands of projects in Asana, Instagantt will only show those projects you choose to connect & sync.

During your first Instagantt session, you will be prompted to browse your projects and connect those you'd like to visualize in Gantt format. If you need to connect projects after this initial session, simply click on the button "+" icon at the top of the left sidebar.

There are three types of Gantt views you can create:

  • A single Asana Project
  • "My Tasks on X workspace", which is equivalent to your "My tasks" area in Asana
  • A group of projects, enabling you to combine up to 10 projects in one single Gantt chart view

Connecting single projects and "My Tasks"

Browse the list and connect desired projects via the "Connect" button

Creating groups

Navigate to the "Project Groups" tab and click "Create a new group". Search for the projects you want in that group, then click "Create".

All connected projects and groups will appear on the left sidebar, sorted by Asana Organization/Workspace. Groups can be modified by clicking on the wheel icon to the right of the group name.

Disconnecting projects

Instagantt won't automatically remove projects that have been removed or archived in Asana. To delete these projects from Instagantt, click the "+" in the top left, then click "Disconnect" to the right of the project names.